Our two chosen charities for which we raised funds during our Christmas 2022 campaign were Child Bereavement UK and Dogs For Autism.

We are delighted to say that we donated a total of £387.50 to Dogs For Autism, helping them to continue their work in providing assistance dogs to autistic people of any age throughout the United Kingdom.

The Admin Team at the charity said: “Thank you very much for your lovely email and wonderful fundraising on behalf of Dogs for Autism.

“We are always delighted to hear about the fun and hard work our supporters put into each fundraising event on our behalf.

“It’s great to know that you learnt about us from the BBC’s Countryfile programme. We had a deluge of enquiries after the BBC show but of course it also meant it has kept us extremely busy!

“Once again, the team at Dogs for Autism are thrilled to receive your kind donation.”