Huge congratulations to our dedicated band secretary, Jenny Wood, who has been awarded the Brian W Hicks Memorial Shield by Brass Bands England at their annual conference.
The award recognises Jenny’s crucial role in encouraging thousands of children and young people to enjoy learning and playing music through our band. She has been a tower of strength to our players, their families and our musical directors since the band’s inception in 1988 when she got involved through bringing her own daughter Melanie to band.
Her huge knowledge and experience, calm and unflappable character, warmth and enthusiasm have been key to our band’s success over the years. She is our ‘go to’ person for all manner of questions and problems and countless youngsters have cause to thank her for her wise and gentle guidance through the years.
We’re delighted that Brass Bands England have given her this much-deserved award – thank you for everything Jenny, you’re an absolute star!